Our team strives to build projects and forge relationships that endure time. We value honest communication both in our offices and with our community. As industry leaders, you can trust us to build your current and future projects with care and attention.


Powell Construction Company is a full service general contractor specializing in commercial projects in the Pacific Northwest. Our projects range in size from small tenant improvements to large developments comprised of multiple buildings and owners.

Our story began 40 years ago, and Powell Construction has since grown to be a multi-generational company working on all sized projects. We look forward to utilizing our experience and long-standing reputation in our industry to assist you in your construction needs.


Our philosophy is rooted in integrity. Powell Construction knows that each successful structure and relationship are our legacy. We want to be part of your legacy, and give you a quality that you know will endure. Powell Construction uses the same customer service oriented approach to successfully complete all projects in both the public and private sectors.

Each time our company commits to a new project, a specific team is chosen from our diverse staff to see it through to completion. We are here to build and facilitate meaningful relationships with our clients that last through decades. The long standing relationships that Powell seeks to fortify, allow us to approach every project with a sense of ownership. We are proud of the work we do and constantly chase excellence both in quality and punctuality.