Over the last 30 years, Mike has worked on projects in Washington, Oregon, and Utah. The beginning of his career focused heavily on smaller projects, and the span has grown to now encompass large, complex, and innovative structures. He leads the team and works closely with developers, construction personnel, and other industry professionals.

Mike appreciates efficiency and works hard to coordinate with his team for success. Being comfortable with all areas of construction both in the field and in the office allows him to find solutions to issues as they arise, and oversee all aspects of a project with an eye for detail.

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Vice- President of Operations

Darren is a valuable asset to the Powell team. He uses his experience to facilitate efficiency in the office and oversee all projects. His dedication and work ethic serve as an inspiration for his fellow coworkers and keeps the daily operations at Powell running smoothly. His previous field experience allows him to facilitate the project Superintendents as they strive to provide the best outcome for each client.