Over the last 30 years, Mike has worked on projects in Washington, Oregon, and Utah. The beginning of his career focused heavily on smaller projects, and the span has grown to now encompass large, complex, and innovative structures. He leads the team and works closely with developers, construction personnel, and other industry professionals.

Mike appreciates efficiency and works hard to coordinate with his team for success. Being comfortable with all areas of construction both in the field and in the office allows him to find solutions to issues as they arise, and oversee all aspects of a project with an eye for detail.

Work With Us


Vice- President

Jeff specializes in building renovations and TI projects in large buildings. Over the last 20 years, he has worked diligently to exceed client expectations. His expertise involves diverse groups, needs, and management models. By working closely with clients from the design phase through to building occupancy, Jeff can ensure that each and every client ends with a functional space that fits their needs. He values customer service and forging continuing relationships with clients and industry professionals.


Director of Business Development

Bill has broad experience in the construction industry, privileged to work over the years with many prominent developers, owners, and tenants facilitating team building and providing building solutions for many high profile projects. With over 30 years of construction business development and executive management experience Bill’s leadership, creativity, and problem solving allows him to consult with clients and insures that all Powell Construction resources are utilized as needed. Bill is a LEED professional and serves on several boards.